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Welcome to the Photography Section

This Photography Section of my webspace covers one of the major pursuits in my life and shows thumbnail samples of my personal work. For the more professional work, see Æsthetic Images Photography.

My webspace also has a Personal Section, which is a miscellany of my interests both serious and fun, and a Usability Section, which covers the other major pursuit in my life.

The Photography Section is small, because I decided to spend my energies on a larger site for the more professional photos I have made. Each of the contents pages here contains a small version (a thumbnail) of every picture it covers. I used to have larger versions in this space, but I needed to remove them to make room for the larger versions of the photos in the Æsthetic Images Photography webspace. Hardly anyone was looking at these larger versions, anyhow.

Note: My late husband and I provided the cover photo for a book on a topic we care about. Seeds of Hope: A Physician's Personal Triumph over Prostate Cancer, by Michael A. Dorso, MD, is published by Acorn Publishing. (My husband died of prostate cancer in 2001.) The cover is another photo of Antonio's hands (done a little differently and enhanced electronically), and you can see it at

This site has the following pages of photos:

There's also a list of some uses of my photos in blogs, etc.

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