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Personal Section

I have blue eyes, pale skin, and salt-and-pepper hair that I wear short.

(Photo by Bruce Allen)


This Personal section of my webspace is a miscellany of my interests, both serious and fun:

I also have a Usability Section and a Photography Section, which provide a more indepth look at the two major pursuits in my life.

Some Personal Interests


My two favorite travel destinations are Italy and Scotland. Here are a few links to some information about both places.


A few travel-related webspaces for Italy


A few useful webspaces about Scotland and travel in Scotland

And three articles I've published about travel in Scotland:

Jungian psychological type

I am an INFP and a qualified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), an instrument for identifying Jungian psychological type. For more info about Jungian type and what I do with it, see my Jungian Type page or my article Personality and System Development: What's the Connection? , which concerns Jungian type in computer system development teams.

Or if you just want to know what the heck an INFP is, check out this INFP Profile (created by the INFP List).

Some miscellaneous tidbits

Favorite music

Favorite light bulb jokes

(I can claim credit only for the one about usability engineers. Too bad about the others. :-)

A few links to family and friends


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