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Elizabeth Buie's Webspace

I built this webspace in 1997 and redesigned the look and the code (XHTML, CSS) in 2007. I haven't done anything, really, to the information structure. I thought about it, but this is just a personal site and I can live with it as it is.

I've also realized that I don't have the time or the resources to update and maintain the Italian version, so that part is going to become just an archive. I won't delete the pages, but they'll no longer be linked from the English-language pages, and I won't be checking the links regularly (if at all).


Usability and photography are the two major pursuits in my life. My webspace contains a section for each of these, plus one on some topics of personal interest:

Also check out Æsthetic Images Stock Photography — a different webspace presenting some of my professional work. (Note: There is no link from there back to here.)

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Last updated 6 April 2010